As a nationally published, award-winning writer, I specialize in health, business, career and travel topics. But above all, there's nothing better than telling a really great story.

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"Lori Baker's story ideas and finished pieces are among the best at Arizona Highways magazine. We always know we'll get a superb story, written beautifully and entertainingly, and thoroughly researched."

- Randy Summerlin, senior editor, Arizona Highways magazine

"Lori is a reliable, diligent reporter, and a talented writer-a rare combination. Her stories are compassionate and human, while balanced and painstakingly accurate. She dutifully fact-checks her own reporting and spelling, re-reports at a moment's notice to satisfy an editor's whim, and consistently submits top-quality work. She has been a successful freelancer in a very tough market because of her keen sense of what makes a great story and her knack for developing ideas tailored to a specific publication's readership."

- Beth Deveny, former PHOENIX magazine and Arizona Highways editor

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