10 Buzzwords to Strike from Your Content Today

Nov 19, 2013

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  1. At this juncture. What’s wrong with “now?”
  2. Bandwidth. Let techies keep this word for themselves and simply state there isn’t enough time.
  3. Circular file. Once it was a clever alternative to the word, “garbage can,” but right now the phrase is about as trendy as hot pants and lava lamps.
  4. Core competencies. If you use this term to describe your company’s greatest successes, your message will surely fail.
  5.  Disambiguate. Disam-what? Let me be perfectly clear, there’s nothing wrong with the verb “clarify.”
  6. Get-go. Never use this awkward, clunky word to replace “beginning.”
  7. Give the nod. A good rule of thumb is never use three words when one—such as “approve”—will do.
  8. Human capital. If you want your company to sound downright cold-blooded, be sure to describe your employees as human capital.
  9. Magic bullet. Content that uses this term to describe a perfect solution to a business problem should be turned into target practice.
  10. Outside the box. Using worn-out business jargon to describe a creative solution might convey just how “in-the-box” you really are.   

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