Ever notice how corporate-speak sounds so dry, inhuman and, well, corporate? Effective content marketing speaks in the language of the customer—in a conversational tone with empathy, emotion and a spark of personality. To avoid sounding like a tool, here are my top 10 cringe-worthy words or phrases to avoid at all costs.

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Do you remember the scene in Monk when the lead character, a detective afflicted with OCD,  applies for a new job as a magazine fact checker—and is horrified when he actually gets the position?

You don’t need an OCD diagnosis or background in detective work to create bulletproof, factual Web content—but it helps. You can also use a few journalistic principles I detailed in an article titled “What Your Magazine’s Fact Checker Wishes You Knew,” which will be included in the upcoming book, Best of The Writer: Timeless Tips from Top Authors.

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How do you find your long-lost best friend from your college dorm days? Or track down that elusive source for your magazine article or newsletter? One of my favorite free tools is www.pipl.com. I've used it to do everything from finding a relative's current address before mailing out a Christmas card to tracking down a source I'd like to interview when their location isn't evident. If you're willing to pay extra, you can also retrieve an email address or other non-public data through www.intelius.com or www.peoplefinders.com.


If you’re like me, it might come as a bit of a shock to learn that simply answering the telephone and verifying your company’s address and phone number can mire your business in a virulent fraud scheme.

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On this blog, nationally published writer Lori Baker reveals tips on how to create compelling Web content that grabs readers' attention, establishes brand loyalty and keeps your customers coming back for more.

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