I Truly Go Out on a Limb for my Clients

I bring my passion for quality content to every project I undertake. I launched my writing and editing business more than two decades ago, and I've assembled a robust portfolio of work that includes content marketing, copywriting for the Web, blogs, newsletters (print and digital), articles, advertorials, marketing brochures and more. I work for a great roster of clients that includes content marketing firms, healthcare organizations, digital marketing agencies, universities, nonprofits, publishers and entrepreneurial ventures.

I first discovered the persuasive power of the printed word at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where I earned a journalism degree and later completed the New Media Academy. After graduation, I immediately landed a job as a newspaper reporter at a major metropolitan newspaper and later contributed research and wrote articles for some of the nation’s largest circulation magazines, including Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Glamour and Good Housekeeping. One of my nationally published articles will be featured in the upcoming book Best of the Writer: Timeless Tips from Top Authors, which is now listed on Amazon.

Each year the average consumer now sees or hears 1 million marketing messages—that’s almost 3,000 per day. To stand out from the crowd, quality content matters more now than ever before.

“I can say without question that the research and reporting Lori has done for us has been nothing short of exceptional. Even on weeks when as many as four major projects are due, I know I can always count on Lori for careful attention to detail and thorough completion of assignments.

"Lori is someone who would prove to be an asset to any organization in which she exercises her considerable talents. I give her my highest and most unequivocal recommendation.”

 - Vanessa Thomas, formerly with Glamour magazine

“Whenever I had a complex and challenging storyline that needed development, my gut always told me to give it to Lori. And that instinct was never wrong: She always comes through for us in spades. She is also very versatile. From real estate to health care and law, whatever I threw her way, she delivered the goods. She comes highly recommended from this curmudgeon.”

 - Greg Sexton, former editor-in-chief, Arizona Business Magazine, AZRE, Arizona Home & Design Magazine.

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