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Powerful writing can connect you to customers and ignite your business. It requires an eye for the great story--and the skills and talent to tell that story. I can offer you those skills as an award-winning writer. I bring my master storytelling skills honed as a journalist to a wide variety of clients--hospitals, physicians, marketing agencies, insurance providers, universities, corporations, nonprofits and tourism agencies--to help them boost brand awareness, connect with their target audience and build customer loyalty.


ConTNT Blog

Ever notice how corporate-speak sounds so dry, inhuman, and, well, corporate? For tips on creating effective content marketing, check out my latest blog, "10 Buzzwords to Strike from Your Content Today."

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Portfolio: Recent Work

My Phoenix Focus cover story was a first-place winner in the 2014 Hermes Creative Awards, an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of print and digital content. 


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